Crossing of the Andes

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Crossing of the Andes


12 Day Ride

Horseback ride to the Laguna del Diamante, in Argentina, at the foot of the Maipo volcano (5,290 masl).

A 14 day horseback adventure traveling from Chile to Argentina

An incredible journey, across the Andes, from Chile to Laguna del Diamante (Diamond Lake), at the foot of the Maipo Volcano (5,299 meters above sea level) in Argentina. This ride is almost entirely in the Argentinean Cordillera, which is mostly an area of National Parks. As the days pass we travel through an enchanted land of mountain ranges, beautiful valleys, rivers, and springs with views of rugged peaks and volcanoes, untill arriving at Laguna Diamante, the crown jewel of the central Andes, in the great valley of the Maipo. This is a journey into the heart of the Andes, with a team of the most experienced guides and arrieros in Chile, with exquisite food and plenty of live music under the stars. We plan several “layover days”, when we remain at the same campsite, to give you a chance to rest and enjoy the area. A magical journey to remember for the rest of your life.

All inclusive package, includes round trip, door to door transportation from Santiago international airport or your hotel. Lodging at Cascada de las Ánimas one night before and one night after your trip, all meals, and access to our nature sanctuary, sauna and swimming pool facilities.

Day 1:
We meet you at the airport or your Santiago hotel, and drive you to our ranch resort at San Alfonso. San Alfonso is a quaint village,  about 1 1/2 hours southeast of Santiago, nestled in the Andes mountains,  alongside the wild Maipo River. After arriving at the ranch, you can check in to your cabin, relax at the swimming pool, take a hike in the nature sanctuary, and enjoy a delicious dinner at our restaurant, overlooking the rapids of the Maipo River.

Day 2:
Breakfast at our restaurant in Cascada de las Animas, near San Alfonso. Departure, after breakfast, in vans (approximately 2 hours journey) to “la Panimavida”,  from where the ride starts out, going in the direction of the Piuquenes pass on the border of Chile and Argentina, at a height of 4,300 meters above sea level. This is an important border crossing in the cordillera, from which can be seen the opening of one of the most beautiful and colorful valleys of our ride. Campsite: El Chocolate.

Day 3:
Gentle descent through the valley of the Rio Palomar, then across the Rio Tunullan. Campsite: Refugio de la Cruz.

Day 4:
Along the valley of the Rio Tunullan, which we cross again. Campsite: El Tacho.

Day 5:
Up through the Cien Vueltas (100 turns) to the Corrales Negros. Campsite: Vega Corrales Negros.

Day 6:
We ride through the valley of the Rio Marmolejo, untill we arrive at the valley Salinillas, and cross the same river. Campsite: “El Rial de los Chilenos”, with spectacular caverns and waterfalls.

Day 7:
Departure in the direction of the Torrecillas – gigantic castles of stone around a beautiful clear river. Campsite: La Vega de Torrecillas.

Day 8:
Layover day. In the morning we go for a ride and in the afternoon we can relax. Campsite: La Vega de Torrecillas.

Day 9:
We leave the Torrecillas and ride across the canyon of the Colorado River towards “las Overas”, where it is possible to see large numbers of guanacos. Campsite: Las Overas.

Day 10:
We cross the valley of the Rio Papal before finally arriving at the Laguna del Diamante. Campsite: Las Enumeradas.

Day 11:
Layover day. A day to enjoy a ride to the incredible Laguna del Diamante, where we spend the day, before returning to the campsite. Campsite: Las Enumeradas.

Day 12:
We leave Las Enumeradas and ride through the valley of Volcan Maipo, before crossing back into Chilean territory, through the Alvarado pass, to the south at, 3.400 meters above sea level. Campsite: Laguna de Alvarado.

Day 13:
On our final day, we ride along the Alvarado canyon, then cross the Río Maipo. We continue through the valley of the Maipo, towards the Cruz de Piedra (stone cross), the Chilean frontier control post, where our vans are waiting to take us home. We end our adventure with a special farewell dinner at the Cascada de las Animas restaurant.

Day 14:
Breakfast and checkout of your cabin. Transfer to Santiago airport, or your hotel, when and as required.

Meeting point: Santiago.
Trip Length: 14 days – 13 nights (12 days riding).
Time Remaining: Date already passed!
Riders: Minimum: 6
Maximum: 20.
Riding per day: 5-6 hours.
Pace: moderate.
Horses: Criollo cross.
Weight Limit: 220 pounds (110 kilograms) per person.

Cost per person:
$2550 USD (12 or more participants)
$2730 USD (11 or fewer participants)



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