Meseta del Alamo

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Meseta del Alamo

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2 Day Ride

Horseback riding trip into the heart of the Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary.

Horseback riding trip into the heart of the Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary, with an excellent team of guides and wranglers. Delicious food, wine and music under the stars.

This ride is a great opportunity for guests who have limited riding experience or who are short on time to experience an overnight horse packing adventure. The ride takes you to an elevation of nearly 2000 meters with excellent views of the Maipo Canyon and opportunities to see the rare and elusive Andean Condor and other wildlife found in the Sanctuary.

2 Day Itinerary

Day 1:
9:30AM Breakfast meeting in our restaurant ‘La Tribu’ at Cascada de las Animas.  After breakfast we take a short walk, crossing the Rio Maipo on a swinging bridge to the ranch corrals to meet the guide team and our horses.  After a short riding lesson, we will mount up and ride approximately 2.5 hrs, following a winding trail into the Andes foothills.  After reaching the ‘Los Reyunos’ stream crossing, we’ll stop for a rest under century old Quillay trees and enjoy a delicious lunch.
After lunch we continue our ride for 1 hour until we reach our campsite, the ‘Meseta del Alamo´ at 1800 meters. The Meseta del Alamo is a spectacular mountain plateau ringed with native trees of olivillo and quillayes.  Adjacent to our camp you´ll find the ‘Manzanita’, a beautiful mountain stream of crystal clear water filled with big pools and waterfalls. We will spend the afternoon enjoying a pleasant walk to the waterfalls, dipping in the stream and relaxing while your guides prepare the camp. After returning to camp, we will make a toast to our adventure with a pisco sour cocktail before enjoying a delicious traditional Chilean asado (barbecue), accompanied by a selection of local wines. Nighttime is always a special treat when the group gathers round a blazing campfire to tell stories and enjoy guitar music under a star filled night sky.

Day 2:
After a good night’s rest breathing the crisp mountain air, you will wake to the smell of camp coffee and fresh baked bread. At approximately 9:30AM, while the wranglers round up our horses, we will have a leisurely breakfast before leaving camp and climbing towards the high peaks of the Andes mountains to enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and valleys and enjoy a full morning of exploring.
Afterwards, we will return to base camp for lunch, and then make our way back down the mountain on a 2 hr ride to the ranch corrals to end the trip at late-afternoon.



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