Guided Waterfall Trek

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Guided Waterfall Trek

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The right option for people wishing to forget their daily worries as they wander though the nature sanctuary, passing by the enclosure of endangered species (parrots, eagles and pumas) on the way to the waterfalls.


Trip Length: 1 -1 1/2 hours, Available all year.
Difficulty: Easy


This short trek takes you into the nature sanctuary along a well maintained trail to the spectacular “Cascada de las Animas” (Waterfall of the Spirits). The Cascada is actually a series of three waterfalls which drop over 50 meters (150 feet). Once reaching the base of the first falls you may continue up a steep trail of moderate difficulty which takes you to the base of the first (and highest) of the falls. Afterwards, we will head back down the trail ending our walk at the entrance gate to the sanctuary.

As with all the other treks to be enjoyed, in the Nature Sanctuary of Cascada de las Ánimas, this is to be done in the company of a guide. Appropiate trekking footwear is required (or at least sportive footwear, without high heels), as is clothing and sunscreen lotion to be protected against harmful ultra violet rays.

During weekends and holidays, the walks to the waterfall begin at 10, 12, 15 and 17 hours. On weekdays, these start at midday (12 hours).

For security reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to join these walks. For the protection of local fauna, these may not be done in the company of pets.


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