Guided Meseta Trek

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Guided Meseta Trek


This is a popular Andes trek with fantastic views, providing a quick escape from Santiago.


Trip Length: 2 a 3 hours, Available all year
Difficulty: Intermediate


This trek follows one of a variety of trails in the sanctuary climbing over 200 meters to a 300 acre “meseta” (plateau). Crossing the meseta you will have an opportunity to see the work of our reforestation projects where we have planted hundreds of native trees. Walking on, we will eventually reach a view points at 1300 meters that provide panoramas of the Maipo River Canyon and the ridgeline of the Argentina border peaks.


On our return trek, we will follow a different trail down from the meseta through the sanctuary, ending our trip back at the Information Dome.


Afterwards, you can relax and enjoy a beverage or meal at our restaurant, or head over to cool off in the swimming pool (summer season), use the sauna or dip in a hot tub (winter season).


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