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One of the longest and most exciting zip lines in Chile.


Imagine yourself soaring through the air while the dazzling peaks of the Andes surround you.

Between your dangling feet and the wild waters of the river Maipo far below you there is nothing but air.

No, do not worry, this spectacular view will not be your last one, for you are securely buckled to a steel cable and under the close supervision of our experienced outdoor safety guides .

We are talking about Zip Lining, which is one of the many activities that Cascada de las Animas has to offer. Zip Lining is a perfectly safe and, above all, exhilarating activity. Moreover, it lends itself as an excellent opportunity to find out how the soaring Andean Condor views the world.

So whether you are young or old, big or small, an individual or part of a group, do not hesitate to put on your most adventurous pair of shoes and book your trip with us today!

Suspended 25 meters above the Maipo River, twin cables are stretched over 170 meters across the river canyon providing one of the longest rides of this type in Chile. With velocities approaching 50 kph, participants are treated to a breathtaking scenic ride.

As are all of our adventure activities, these events are carefully designed and constructed, and are controlled by one of our professionally trained staffers to insure the total safety of all participants.



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