La Tribu Restaurant

Our History

Cascada de las Animas was founded in 1980 by the marriage of Blanca Eugenia Moreno Ramírez and Eduardo Astorga Barriga, who involved in all their 10 children; Yuyin, Poncho, Yuyo, Tati, Soco, Gordita, Nani, Paulito, Carola and Ale. They helped to develop the center and manage this beautiful tourist complex up to today.
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38 years ago, Cascada de las Animas was just a camping and picnic area; Yuyo decided to build a kiosk with a terrace where empanadas, drinks and then beers were sold; This kiosquito was attended and maintained by Gordita, always with the support of the other sisters. It was a very hard job, for example, to keep beers cold Nani and Gordita had to raise buckets of water from the river.

10 years later Carola and Nani got excited fixing the place and Soquito began to make her famous pumpkin bread ... The menu grew, including: casserole, steak, rabbit and steaks. The restaurant La Tribu began to have a unique magic and mysticism, which called for customers to return. 5 years later Carolita took the reins of the restaurant, began to travel and came back full of ideas to put on the menu, such as El Cabrito, sautéed Thai, oregano bread and more; Carola worked as garzona, chef, cashier, cleaning lady and was also a barwoman; then she was getting more help, Carmencha, her cousin and friend, helped her in this heavy task, for more than 15 years.

It is said that Eduardo Astorga, "El Abuelo", did not help much with the business; he always ended up inviting customers who came to the restaurant to have lunch to his house; and the grandmother Clara, was angry, since in "The big house", they usually had lunches for more than 20 people. "Where 20 fit in 25 fit in as well", said the grandfather.

Years later Yuyo continued innovating, build a bar and a space to dance. The parties in the bar began to become famous, Ines began to take over the bar and parties, which remain in the memory of many people ... At that time everybody was dancing the macarena, the hit of the moment. There are some who remember that close to the bar a bell was played, which in many occasions was stolen so that the party could continue. The restaurant and Bar Tribe began to become more and more known, new services and dining rooms were created ... little by little, and with the work and effort of many people, it has become what you see today.

We hope you enjoy your stay in this unique place, immersed in the mountains and on the banks of the Maipo River.

Our Values, Concept and Focus


Commitment to the service, our people, the environment and our customers


Passion for what we do, passion to generate enchantment


Confidence in the love that our staff put into their task or serving of our clients


We work in harmony with the environment and care for nature

Our Team

Sara Luna González Astorga


Maria Paz Infante


Felipe Concha

Sous Chef

Mariela Echeverria

Jefe de Metre

Ana Magallanes


Carolina Sellman

Maestra Cocina

Monica Sepulveda

Maestra de Cocina

Andres Rios


Gladys Verdugo


Victoria Perez


Andrew Lazo


Diana García


Manuel Vergara



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