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Why choose Cascada de las Animas for your Whitewater Rafting Trip?


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Enjoy this trip with your family and friends, with your company or as part of a romantic date with someone special. We offer you an unforgettable adventure, an outstanding personalized service and guides who are passionate about rivers and rafting and put their heart and soul into every trip.

Cascada de las Animas offers several programs on the Maipo River, which is rated class IV between November and February (during thaw) and class III during the rest of the year, according to the international scale of river difficulty (which goes from I to VI). The river´s proximity to Santiago makes this activity easily accessible for any type of visitor.

The Maipo river starts its journey as a small mountain stream on the eastern slope of the volcano that gave the river its name, but quickly transforms into a raging torrent as it descends towards the ocean. When passing through Cascada de las Animas the river has an elevation of 3,600 ft above sea level and descends between large rocks forming obstacles and an important challenge for rafters. It is precisely in those places where we encounter the most demanding rapids.

Anyone is welcome to live this experience. In fact, more than 70% of our clients raft for the first time in their live. To ensure that everyone will enjoy a great trip, we provide state-of-the-art rafts and equipment and work with highly trained and experienced guides, who will always monitor your safety and be attentive to your needs.

Maipo River Rafting, close to Santiago

We specialize in whitewater rafting on Maipo River. It is the best and most popular river and rafting destination in Central Chile. We are located in Maipo Valley, at the foot of the spectacular Andes mountain range, just 30 miles away from the city of Santiago.

Cascada de las Animas, one of Chile´s most respected tourism companies

Our whitewater rafting trips are operated by Cascada de las Animas, one of Chile´s oldest and most respected adventure travel tour operators. With Cascada de las Animas, you can expect high quality service and equipment. We have almost 40 years of experience operating adventure travel and outdoor activities in Chile and our team of guides is formed by some of the world´s best rafters, several of them members of the Chilean national rafting team.

There is no need to be familiar with rafting to participate in our trips. We are confident that our river descents will be an exciting challenge for you, regardless of your level of experience. Experience an action-packed adventure in an environment of collaboration and teamwork.

A Top Adventure Travel Destination

When you visit Cascada de las Animas, you can join many other outdoor activities and adventures. You also find several accommodation options, a camping and picnic area and a restaurant and bar, to make your trip complete. Chose Cascada de las Animas for an exciting whitewater rafting tour and an entire travel experience in Chile.


Security Commitment

Cascada de las Animas is Chile´s most experienced whitewater rafting tour operator. Our first priority is your safety at all times. Your leader guide will give you a safety instruction and explain you basic techniques and how to paddle in order to prepare you for the rapids. You will also be taught some basic signs and specific words and your guide will answer all your questions and doubts. On each trip you will be accompanied by a security team at all times. One or more expert kayakers and in some cases rescue rafts with specialized guides will be constantly with the group, ready to rescue anyone who falls off the raft.

The Guides of Cascada de las Animas hold First Aid Certification

All our guides are certified in first aid and in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Some of them have participated in advanced first aid training such as the 'Wilderness First Responder' (WFR). They carry complete emergency kits during the descent that are taken on the rafts and carefully checked before and after each trip. In case of an accident, the guides are familiar with evacuation procedures and carry cell phones at all times. We also have the support of a vehicle that accompanies us throughout the descent.

The Guides of Cascada de las Animas are Experts in Rescue Techniques

Our guides are experts in swift water rescue techniques as well as in wildlife and survival. Therefore they are a great support if you and your family have limited experience in this type of adventure. They will make all effort necessary to make you feel comfortable and calm at all times.

The Guides of Cascada de las Animas are experienced and dedicated

Most of our guides have years of experience in rafting and a vast knowledge of the Maipo River and its surroundings. Our company applies a training program for new guides that at the same time allows us to keep existing guides in continuous training and preparation. Our guides live and breathe white water, and spend most of their free time practicing kayaking and rafting in other rivers in Chile and the world, always improving their skills and techniques.

The Guides of the Cascada de las Animas are members of the Chilean National Rafting Team

We are also very proud that most of our guides are members of the Chilean national rafting team and have participated in various international competitions. The Cascada Team obtained the 2nd place in the sprint race in the last World Cup in Bosnia, in addition to a dozen of cups and medals in different competitions in Europe and America.

Our Guides

Nicolas Yerovi Astorga

Operations Manager

Pangal Andrade Astorga


Lorenzo Andrade Astorga


Cristobal Galleguillos Hart


Pedro Astorga Leiva


Simón Yerovi Astorga


Benjamín Astorga Leiva


Carlos Hermosilla Caro


Preguntas Frecuentes

1Is it dangerous to go Rafting?
Rafting is exciting, wet, adrenaline-filled and incredibly entertaining, however, like with any other outdoor sport there is an inherent risk involved. Risk contributes to the excitement and is one of the reasons why this activity attracts many people. Our guides are trained to minimize and manage risks and statistically you are safer in a raft than in your car. The most common problems in rafting are getting a sunburn and falling off when getting into and out of the raft.
2I do not know how to swim. Can I go Rafting?
Everybody who joins our rafting trips will be given a professional life jacket and helmet. This equipment is indispensable and will keep you protected and on the surface in case you fall into the river. Many non-swimmers go rafting and have an incredible time. Before leaving, your guide will give you a complete safety instruction to prepare you for the case of falling off the raft. The guides are professionally trained in swift water rescue techniques and will work as a team with the other guides to ensure you a comfortable trip.
3How fit should I be to go Rafting?
In the descent with an oar powered raft the guide controls the raft with a set of oars mounted on the boat and you can choose to be active or more passive. In most our trips however we use rafts that require everyone to row, therefore passengers have to stay active the entire trip to move the raft through the rapids and you will need to learn paddle commands to help your guide. You should be in good health and your life vest should fit comfortably. Rowing can be quite tiring at times but our guides will teach you the basic rowing techniques that are very entertaining. If you have doubts about your health condition to go rafting, check with your doctor.
4What Clothes should I wear?
Luckily this is not a fashion show. Your equipment depends on the time of the year, water temperature and weather conditions. As a general rule, we recommend that you dress depending on the water temperature and not the ambient temperature. The water of the Maipo River is very cold so we give each participant a special wetsuit and a thermal jacket. In the summer months it is best to put on your swimsuit or shorts and a shirt under the wetsuit. In spring, autumn and winter we advise you to wear a trouser and polar shirt or other synthetic material under the wetsuit. Do not use any cotton because if it gets wet, it takes a long time to dry and will make you feel colder. For your feet, we recommend bringing sneakers or sports shoes. Flip flops are not recommended, as they do not protect you and fall off too easily. Sunglasses or optics should have a security tape to avoid losing them. Use sunscreen but avoid putting it on your forehead so it does not get in your eyes.
5What is the best Trip for me?
The Maipo River is the best option for beginners at any time of the year. If you are nervous about having to paddle you can opt for an oar powered raft since this way the guide takes all the control and you just have to hold tight the raft during the whole descent. If you feel confident with the water, are in good physical condition and enjoy adventures, a raft where everyone rows is the right choice for you. Our guides will give you basic rowing and safety instructions. During the spring and early summer, the waters of the Maipo River reach their maximum flow due to the melting of the snow and you can experience class IV rapids.
6Can Children go Rafting?
Height, weight and maturity are important factors to consider when the guide decides if children can participate in the descent. As a general rule, children under 12 years are not allowed. If your child is under 12 and you believe that he or she has the ability to participate in the descent, the leader will be the one who decides, prioritizing the safety of your child.
7I am Seniors. Can I go Rafting?
Many adults over 70 and up to 80 who are in good health can go rafting. If you are in that age range and go rafting for the first time, we recommend an oar powered raft, a rafting option during which the guide takes control of the raft. Depending on how you feel in your first experience you may want to repeat the experience but this time in a more active role where everyone rows.
8What happens in a typical Descent?
The trip begins at our facilities in Cascada de las Animas. Upon arrival, the leader guide waits for you and the first step is to sign the responsibility release. Then the guide gives you your wetsuit and complete equipment. The leader guide will give you a complete safety instruction of approximately 20 minutes. After the instruction you walk to the rafts that have a capacity of 6 to 8 people in addition to the guide. Once on the rafts, the guide will give basic rowing instructions and explain how to react to his command instructions. Then the descent begins during which you will be the protagonist of a great adventure!
9What are the chances that I fall off the Raft? And if it happens that I should do?
Plan A. Stay always on the raft, but believe us, many people love falling into the river. It is exciting but it can be a bit disorientating at first. Many people have rafted dozens of times and have never fallen off the raft, some swim in their first descent. That is rafting. Before starting the descent your guide will give you instructions on how to react in case of falling into the water and how to stay safe. It is important that you follow your guide's instructions at all times and if you have to swim, this may be the most entertaining part of your trip!
10Can I take my Photo or Video Camera?
We do not recommend taking any kind of cameras on the trip. There are waterproof disposable cameras that work very well. The quality of the photos is quite good and if you lose the camera it is not a serious problem. If you decide to bring your camera we recommend that you use a waterproof case to protect it. In all our trips we have a professional photographer who accompanies us along the river bank whose photos you can see and buy after the descent.
11Should I tip the Guides?
Tips for guides are welcome. They work hard to ensure an entertaining and safe trip. If you feel that your guide did a good job and kept you entertained by sharing the wonders of the river and its surroundings, feel free to show appreciation.